SD 2600 People

- Founder of San Diego 2600, UNIX administration, coding

- Co-founder of San Diego 2600, Chairman of ToorCon

Pixel8 - Graphics / Founder of PixelTwisters.


nfiltr8 - Dachb0den Labs Engineer

ComLogik - Corporate Diagnostics, Telephony & Network Auditing

Fortezza - Phreaking and Trashing

SNN1 Security News

Virus discovered in Internet chatroom

73 Percent of China's Computers Infected

Felton Team Speaks but Ferguson Mum

Video Encryption Standard Reported Cracked

British Man Charged With Worm Authorship

ISPs Use Web Bugs

UK's NCIS Wants More From EU Privacy Directive

Japan Hacks New Zealand?

The Great (Fire)Wall of Vietnam

All-in-One Student ID

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What is 2600?
2600 is a hacker quarterly magazine founded and edited by Eric Corley aka Emmanuel Goldstein. It has been around since the early 80s, and has worked for the hacker ideal of ethical hacking. Click here to see their official website.

What is San Diego 2600?
San Diego 2600 is an auxillary of 2600 Magazine. We are an outlet of 2600 in the Greater San Diego area. Our meeting like all 2600 Meetings is the first Friday of every month at 5pm. The SD2600 meeting is located at an excellent pizzeria called Leucadias (out on the patio) or at the mexican restaurant across the street if the patio is filled. Leucadias and the mexican restaurant is located on Regents Road in the Vons Shopping Center. The meetings serve as a place to hang out, meet the people you talk with online, discuss the latest technological advencements or hacker issues, and trade ideas.

  Added Security News Network from @Steak
June 27 2001
Using html porvided by @Steak we now have regularly updated news links from SNN1 - The Voice of Reason

  The San Diego 2600 WebSite gets a facelift!
June 5 2001
Pixel8, updated the site from his old design.

  The Union Tribune Investigates San Diego 2600
August 31 1999
Consider the locksmith.
He's an expert in security -- how to bolster it, how to thwart it. In his knowledge of locks....more

  Official Press Release from San Diego 2600
June 31 1999
Dear San Diego News Agencies,San Diego 2600 would like to add a different perspective to the recent hacker crackdown....more


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- @Steak
- Attrition
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- Freedom Software - Protect Your Privacy Now!
- FreeBSD
- Slackware
- San Diego Supercomputer Center
- Freshmeat

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- Nightfall Security Group
- 2600 - The Hacker Quarterly
- Orange County 2600

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- Defcon
- Hope2000

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